Little Sparks Review


Little Sparks Review

by Megan Gotch @thenerdygirlie

little SparksRemember being bored in class and playing the Dot Game with friends to pass the time?  Well now you can play it on your mobile device with the new game Little Sparks!  This single player game takes you through the story of Dr. Crazy Pants as he tries to capture fireflies to use as a light source for his gem mine.  It is up to you to save as may fireflies as you can and set them free.

I would HIGHLY suggest starting with the tutorial!  Otherwise, you’ll have only a vague idea of what’s going on and not get the full picture of the game!  But if you’re too busy to do the tutorial or you’re a hyper child, here is a breakdown of the essentials.

screenshot_02Begin the game by choosing your game mode (rounds or timer), game difficulty (easy, medium or hard) and lastly your game background.  As you play and beat games, the others modes will begin to unlock.

You start with three actions per turn.  Your walls are blue, Dr. Crazypants’ are red.  It takes two of your walls to own a square.  Once you are the owner of the square it will change to your designated color.  When you get your four walls up, you take possession of the firefly saving him from Dr. Crazypants!  You also win a bonus action for every successful trap you place.

Below the game board is where you will find the bonus actions bar.  These include adding extra walls, taking away walls from Dr. Crazypants, using a bubble to hold one firefly in your territory and a floating lantern that attracts multiple fireflies, givivng you the chance to set traps without them moving.  Make sure you capture the fireflies quickly because, if you don’t, your walls will begin to disappear!

Phew!  Just a bit more to know!  Above the game board is the action meter.  Numbers represent how many fireflies you have caught of each color.  Whoever has the most fireflies for each color gains control of that colored fireflies’ jar.

2_little_sparksOK time to play!  As you may have already noticed the fireflies come in different colors.  Each firefly has his own nature and personality!  Bert is blue and enjoys places tight and cozy.  Gus is a green dreamer and wanderer.  Rex is red and remains slow and cautious.  Yaz the yellow lad, is careful, quick and excited.  Finally there is Popper, the brightest bulb!

I was one who jumped right into the game without the tutorial.  I had a hard time with the game and almost gave up.  Upon competing the tutorial, I was finally able to enjoy the game and see the beautiful art and cute characters as what they were created for…something fun that should be shared.  I could see these characters becoming so much more than what they are now in this game.  The fireflies are lovable and sweet, just what your kids need on a lunch box!

3 out of 5 stars (3 for game play, 5 for cuteness)


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