Watch Now: Trailer for a New Batman Documentary

Sierra Houk February 21, 2013 0


Legends of the Knight is a collection of stories told by Batman fans around the world who have been impacted by the Batman universe in some way. The film includes interviews with:

• Michael Uslan, executive producer of Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises
• Denny O’Neil, legendary Batman writer
• Lenny B Robinson, who visits children’s hospitals around the country as Batman
• Jill Pantozzi (The Nerdy Bird), Superhero journalist
• Rabbi Cary Friedman, author of Wisdom from the Batcave
• Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman & Psychology and teacher of university course in psychology called “Batman”
• Gotham Chopra, co-author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes

The documentary is looking forward to being released this summer, but is in need of funds to finish production. In just 12 hours, the campaign to make the film raised over $5,000 on their Kickstarter (which is still open).

The trailer just hit the internet today, watch it now:

You can learn more about the film on or by tuning into a live Q&A with the production team this Saturday, February 23 at 2pm EST, hosted on the website.

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