Terra Nova Season Finale


Ever since Terra Nova first came out it has been plagued by two bit reviewers who can’t wait to sink their ever so ravenous teeth into the show, and I obviously don’t mean that in a good way.  The truly strange thing, however, is that these reviewers tend to lie on opposite sides of the spectrum.  What one reviewer will criticize another will praise and vice versa.  Personally I think this is an indication that these reviewers are superimposing their own opinions on how they think the show should be written and produced; but to be honest, I am biased as well.

My bias, however, lies for the show rather than against it.  I truly enjoy that the drama in the show isn’t soap opera-ish with everyone sleeping with everyone else and the same inane mental issues rehashed and rehashed until the audience is bleeding from the eyes *coff coff* Battlestar Galactica.  The fact is that this show was never intended to be that sort of drama and while the first season is very character centric instead of being the super action laden shooter/horror film that other reviewers expected for some reason, I think it has held true to its stated goal in production.

The first season is clearly a setup for the story as a whole; the players are now in place and the true story, incorporating real human stories, and rough and tumble battle, can now commence.  The critics who have savaged the show may simply have their priorities wrong, and its falling ratings may be due to the lack of sensationalist content.  This, when you look at many of the show’s episodes, is quite true.  Instead of having Shannon cheat on his wife they had a disease that eats short and medium memory, a very Star Trek TOS plot.  Instead of making Sky, one of the main characters, truly a traitor she was simply coerced.  Instead of making the commander out to be a total jerk and evil, like most military commanders are portrayed today, they depict him as someone who wants to protect his people in the only ways he knows how.

I would liken the ratings drop to other shows that had great openings and finales; mid season ratings are never as good and if people don’t see what they want immediately, heaven forbid, Hulu that puppy.  That being said I do think the Terra Nova Season Finale was more true to what the viewers were promised by the action packed first episode and I really hope to see alot more of that in following seasons.

I will admit the show did not follow up on the amazing pilot show nearly as well as it could have.  The homage to Firefly, the awesome military response to the lost children in the forest, and the amazing introduction of some extremely well developed characters all made me an instant fan.  As you probably could have guessed by now this isn’t a review of the season or a rebuttal of the conflicting and negative reviews of the show.  This is one nerd’s opinion as to why Terra Nova should be renewed.  It is the best, nay, the only decent sci-fi on network TV at the moment.  It has entertaining human stories, dinosaurs, clever and entertaining plots, and some truly amazing room for growth.  No matter what you think of a few of the particulars the show still has dinos, guns, and some seriously intense characters.  It would be a crying shame against culture in general to throw away this show.


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