Attractive delinquents with awesome accents?  Not interesting enough for you?  How about we add….superpowers?  Invisibility, time travel, mind reading, sexual frenzies and more!  Interested now?  Well, you should be.

Misfits is a british science-fiction, comedy-drama about a group of young outsiders that are forced to work in a community service program for different crimes, some petty and some rather serious.  Their first day of community service, while the group is out doing mundane work, an insane electrical storm hits and they are struck by superpower lightning.  They begin to realize on their own that the storm has given them different powers.

Curtis (Nathan Stewart Jarrett) has been given the ability to turn back time.  Alisha (Antonia Thomas) can send whoever touches her into a sexual frenzy, Nathan (Robert Sheehan), seems to be unaffected by the storm.  Kelly (Lauren Socha) can now hear what people are thinking, and Simon (Iwan Rheon) has been given the power of invisibility.

Together all their powers seem to get them into as much trouble as they get them out of.

When the group isnʼt dealing with strange villains, theyʼre usually covering up their powers from probation workers…. or murdering them.

Misfits reminds me of The Breakfast Club.  If only the brain, the criminal, the princess, the athlete, and the basket case all had super awesome powers and fought villains, instead of running around the hallways of Shermer High School and crying about being a teenager.

This show is non-stop suspense, comedy, and full of awesome sci-fi.  I mean come on, who doesnʼt love superheroes?  If youʼre not hooked on Misfits after the first episode, you might need to go to a doctor and get some stuff checked out.

Hulu now features seasons one and two of this series on their site, ready and available to watch for free.

Misfits is currently in itʼs third season, new episodes premiere every Sunday on E4 in the UK.


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