Geek Love: Ep. 9 – Mama’s Boy: Ladies’ Man (Joey)


Geek Love Episode 9 JoeyJoey is a mama’s boy who’s looking to find a girl he and his mother can agree on. He lives at home and is a serious gamer; he recently lost 80 pounds by riding an exercise bike while playing video games. Joey is hoping his newfound confidence will help him find the geek of his dreams assuming his mom signs off on her.

Dating has never been easy, but try dating in a Darth Vader mask or Wonder Woman ensemble. When comic and sci-fi fanatics can’t find someone to share their passion, they turn to Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating. Glitch sets up speed dating sessions at events such as Comic-Con, bringing like-minded people together to embrace their idiosyncrasies and find love. Geek Love takes viewers inside the fascinating world of Sci-Fi dating for an insider’s look into the lives of these eccentric singles and their journey to find love. New episodes every Thursday!

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