2013 Movie Roundup

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2013 Movie Roundup

Here’s a listing of 2013 movies that might appeal to the nerdy/geeky crowd.  This isn’t a complete list of 2013 movies by any means, but it’s a list of the movies that stood out to me that I felt others would enjoy.  If there are some you think were left off the list that should be here, by all means, let us know!


Hansel-Gretel-Witch-Hunters-Poster25 – Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters  — Bit of a stretch from the old fairy tale, in this R-Rated change to your childhood story.


1st- Warm Bodies  — Zombies rule the world until one falls in love with a human instead of eating her in this Zom-Rom-Com.

14th – A Good Day to Die Hard  —  OK, not so much nerdy/geeky, but come on, it’s your familiar Die Hard Shoot-em-up, this time in Russia.


1st – Jack the Giant Slayer  — Yet another new take on a classic childhood fairy tale, this one directed by Bryan Singer and starring Ewan McGregor.

imagesCAF7CH7G8th – Oz: The Great and Powerful  — Ever wanted to know how the Wizard of Oz came about? Here’s your chance! Directed by Sam Raimi and starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz

29th – G.I. Joe: Retaliation — The “Rock” and Bruce Willis have been cast to help the Joe Sequel live up to the 80’s Cartoon namesake. It was originally supposed to have been released in summer of 2012 and was pushed back for the 3D conversion supposedly.


5th – Jurassic Park 3D  — another 3D conversion release, but a classic that ushered in the modern special effects of movies.

12th - Evil Dead  — Remake of the cult classic… There is no Ash listed in credits for the movie so far, which is confusing for a remake to leave out a major character.evil-dead-remake-gets-first-gore-soaked-trailer-watch-now-119202-470-75

19th – Oblivion —  Tom Cruise’s new post apocalyptic movie where humans don’t live on Earth anymore, or so they think. Some amazing visuals shown in the trailer.


imagesCANYFPQZ3rd – Iron Man 3 — Tony Stark is back with new director to the series Shane Black. The first POST-Avengers movie in the Marvel Universe, we finally get to see the Mandarin!

17th – Star Trek Into Darkness – Its Star Trek, what more is there to say. Hopefully with a few less lens flares this time around.

24th – Fast and Furious 6 – Fast cars, the Rock is back, and it’s taking place in London.

24th – The Hangover: Part III – The wolf pack goes on a road trip, hilarity ensues.



man-of-steel-movie7th – After Earth — On 1000 years post apocalypse Earth, Will Smith and his son crash land and have to deal with the unfamiliar and in hospitable world and the son must rush to save his father. Directed by M Night Shyamalan… so movie goer be where.

14th – Man of Steel — Superman reboot to hopefully erase Superman Returns from our collective memory. Zak Synder is directing, Henry Cavill as Supes, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Kevin Costner as Paw Kent, and Amy Adams as Lois.

21th – World War Z  —  Brad Pitt zombie adaptation from the book.  These aren’t your shambling type zombies from Walking Dead.world-war-z1

21th – Monsters University — Prequel to the Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc, taking place as the original monsters go to college and form their friendship.

Newscom TagID: infphotos624754/Photo via Newscom28th – Kick-Ass 2 — Follow up to the surprisingly funny (non) superhero comedy from 2010 where a high school kid in a green diving suit (never try that as a costumer, it’s a horrible idea) gets beatup a lot.


12th - Pacific Rim — when giant Kaiju monsters come out of the ocean, we turn to pilots of giant robots to save the world.  It has giant robots, what more do you need???

26th – The Wolverine - Logan goes to Japan to study with a samurai. It’s out of order based on any of the comic cannon timelines, but hopefully not as bad as the first Wolverine movie.the_wolverine_2013_movie-wide


9th – Elysium — Future flick staring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Some political overtones about the class system dividing the rich offworld to everyone else on a ruined Earth. Damon does have a cool futuristic robo-mecha-suit!


20th- Star Wars Ep II Attack of the Clones 3D – Re-release of the prequel in 3D to make Lucasfilm errr Disney more money.


tumblr_mduuqiq4OB1ryk8wu4th – Star Wars Ep III Revenge of the Sith 3D – Re-release of the prequel in 3D to make Lucasfilm errr Disney more money.

4th – Sin City: A Dame to Kill For — Based on the Frank Miller namesake graphic novel, a follow up to the mixed review Sin City from 2005.

25th – The World’s End  — Simon Pegg comedy about a group of friends reliving old memories on a pub crawl and then must save mankind.


1th - Ender’s Game –  Adaptation of the Ender’s series of books about a child who is chosen to become the military’s next great leader to defend Earth from alien invaders. Staring Harrison Ford.

8th – Thor: The Dark Worlds – Thor is back and fighting Dark Elves in this sequel that will be a test for the Asgard to save the nine Realms.

22th – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire —  Movie two of the book series adaptation. Katniss goes back for more. Different director from the first movie.


13th – The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug — Part two of the Hobbit movie series.the_hobbit_desolation_of_smaug_banner_poster_by_umbridge1986-d5hgtlv

Anchorman-2-The-Legend-Continues-poster20th –  Anchorman: The Legend Continues — Ron Burgundy is BACK! San Diego News has never been better.

25th – Jack Ryan — Another semi-reboot adaptation to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series of books. This time Captain Kirk Chris Pine takes up the role (Jack number 4). Russian terrorist plot uncovered.

25th – 47 Ronin  —  Classic Japanese tale, Ronin warriors must restore honor to their homeland and embark upon a challenging quest. Starring Keanu Reeves

Make sure you take a look at some trailers so you can see if any of these might appeal to you at your favorite trailer site or on Nothing But Trailers on AXS (formerly HDNet).

Personally I’m looking forward most to Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, 42 (not on the list, it’s a Baseball movie based on the life of Jackie Robinson), and Ender’s Game, but there’s a good chance I’ll be seeing most all of the movies on the above list.

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