Containment Book Review


Containment Book Review

by:  Megan Gotch


Containment.cover.artI have been wanting to try Amazon Prime’s lending library with my Kindle for a while now.  Since I had a free month membership, I decided to scan the list of books available.  Containment written by Christian Cantrell caught my eye.  What caught my eye was its intriguing premise.  The book follows the story of Arik one of one hundred children, the first generation born on the first permanent extraterrestrial settlement on Venus.  V1 is a fully contained colony on the harsh surface of Venus built to protect the human race from the inevitable end of Earth from pollution.  As Arik becomes a full fledged member of V1 society upon high school graduation, he begins to find out a deep dark secret the V1 founders have hid from the newest generation.

Dystopian is one of my most favorite genres to read and Containment did not disappoint!  Cantrell gave so many vivid details, I could fully immerse myself in the world of V1.  The contained sterile environment was a great contrast to the harsh and gloomy outside environment of the planet.  I found myself falling asleep reading it because I did not want to stop!  The story flowed and continued to grab my interest throughout.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers, because they were fun to discover on my own, but suffice to say the climax of the story and the ending, left me wanting a sequel and or a movie!  The only parts I had trouble on were the “science talk.”  I’m nerdy in a TV/book/movie way…not a super smart way.

So if you love dystopian, other worldly, secret coverups with science talk, go check out (literally and figuratively) Containment!


About Author

Megan Gotch is the founder of The Nerdy Girlie blog site. Her nerdiness came on at a young age when she received an NES for Christmas. It then became full blown upon her first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. Each year she eagerly awaits the Con and her fan girl list continues to grow. Megan enjoys TV, photography, writing and ballet. Her nerd crush is Zachary Levi and her current obession is Doctor Who. She currently lives in San Diego and hopes to never leave.

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