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Harley Print 2This week we get to check in with an international cosplayer, Lady Noctis.  You can check out some of her cool illustrations here and take note of her break down on the popularity of Harley Quinn!


What made you decide that you needed to make your first costume?

I’ve always had a love for playing superheroes since a very young age; not your typical costumes for a girl I must say.  My first proper costume was a ghostbuster, my mum had bought my brother and I our very own proton packs!

I am going to be honest with you, I don’t actually make every single piece of my costumes.  I have ordered bits and bobs of my cosplay costumes from designers.  So I cannot take full credit, shout outs to Shhh! Couture, Hellcat Latex, Rubber Monkey Latex and an extra special shout out to my own Lucius Fox!

  This will in fact be the first year where I am aim to make as many elements of my cosplays as possible; apart from my Boba Fett.  I’ll be uploading an album on my facebook page that will show my general progress, starting with Leeloo from The Fifth Element.  The reason I’ve decided to make this my year to make as many of my own as possible, is because this is going to be the year of cosplay for me; and I want to get as hands on as possible.

61340_10151264551963820_1141407438_nHow long have you been doing cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying since around 2010, but it’s only been since 2011 that I’ve started to integrate it into my modeling work.

What is the most expensive costume you have ever done?

Most expensive would probably be my stormtrooper, however I borrowed the bodysuit from the designer to shoot for her store and portfolio (as well as for my own).  I remember opening my emails to that message, and the excitement that consumed me.  The designer of Shhh! Couture is a massive Star Wars fan, along with other geekdoms; so it was such an honour that she asked me to be a part of such a project.

Are you able to make a living with cosplay?  If not, what is your dream job?

253153_10151139336698820_371029359_nI wish I could, but alas that’s not the case for me.  Maybe one day?  My dream job is to hopefully live off my artwork, as I am an illustrator… well trying to be; and possibly one day own my very own comic book shop.

Do you have a site where you showcase your illustrations other than your web page?  Do you have an Etsy or Deviant Art where ppl can commission or order prints?  What is the best way for someone to contact you for this?

I have a website: (it’s currently in desperate need of a respawn though. Commission work and prints can be ordered directly through me (, or you can message me via my sites. Personally, the best way to contact me for commission based work is via email, makes keeping track of correspondence a lot easier.

Do you have a Tumblr?

That I most certainly do:

Do you have a costume that keeps falling apart at the last minute or do they always execute perfectly?  What would you say is the amount of time involved in the costume from inception to unveiling?

Harley PrintThis would be my Harley Quinn that zip has been the bane of my existence from the day I got it stuck on and had to tactically wiggle my way out. It was perfect the first few times, and then one day the zip decided to no longer cooperate. I’ve tried to fix it many times, I think it’s time to put my hands up, accept defeat and put a new zipper on it.

How many Cons do you attend a year?  

With work I only managed to attend 4 last year, but I plan to change this.  I don’t have much planned just yet, mostly due to moving to Manchester and soon to be starting a new job.  Schedule at the moment is:

– Midlands Expo

– London Super Comic Convention

– Sfx Weekender

– Liverpool Tattoo Convention (especially for Star Wars day)

– Manchester MCM Expo

– London Film and Comic Con

67132_10151162416393820_1760935791_nWhat costumes do you have coming up aside from Leeloo?

So far, I plan to do:


Black Widow

Black Cat

Daenerys Targaryen

Boba Fett (latex variant)

Loki (latex variant)

Morrigan Aensland


KEMS5481Do you make the pieces from scratch or do you commission your costumes?

I commission a lot of elements, as previously mentioned.  However, I’ve made it my aim to make as much as possible myself this year.  Starting with Leeloo, already got the framework for the multipass and her famous orange suspenders.  Just waiting on my dragonskin medium to arrive in the post, so I can get moulding.

What is your all-time favorite costume?

I’m a Harley Quinn nut, so I’m going to have to say it’s Harley… which is totally biased of me as I do love all my costumes.

What do you think makes Harley so popular to cosplay?

Harley Print 3Harley has become extremely popular as of late, especially with the release of Arkham City, and the DLC of Harley’s Revenge etc.  The forever changing styles of Harley Quinn within the gaming community has created a variation of possible cosplays to create of our much beloved jester.  I’d also say the new changes within DC with the New 52 also caused a big stir with Harley Quinn fans, I personally am not a fan of the Suicide Squad Harley; alas I am biased and will forever be a lover of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini creation.  However, I do enjoy the newer renditions/adaptations of her, despite them moving away from her original appearance.  I have yet to do any of the newer Harley’s, only done the classic jester.

She’s such a loveable character with her cheeky characteristics, yet she’s also got that crazy love sick clown vibe too, which makes a great personality for cosplayers to recreate, plus with all the fun costumes and props I can’t blame the ever growing popularity with Miss Quinn.

What changes have you seen in the cosplay community over the years you have been participating?  Are they good changes or bad changes?  How has technology affected the fabrics/ideas/designs?

12771_10151227703383820_1202788656_nI’d say the community has grown drastically over the last few years, more and more people are participating, and people are less closed off from the idea of going to conventions.  I think cosplaying and conventions as a whole are losing that whole stereotype and thus growing in popularity.  Some people may view this as a bad thing; however I think it’s fantastic!  

I think materials have become more accessible, and the fact you have community websites/forums of like-minded individuals all on hand to give one another advice and tips on how to make certain props, prosthetics etc.  I find the cosplay community to be extremely friendly, and helpful.

Any advice for novices?

You’re never too old to play superheroes!  Never let anyone put you down, stay true to yourself and wear your badge of honor with pride.


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