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This week we check in with Ally, video game cosplayer.  Check out her great advice on turning a so-so costume into something better and her take on how technology is changing cosplay.  You can check her out here or hire her for an event here.


1.  What made you decide to make your first costume?

I decided to make my first cosplay because I had attended a convention (Animazement) the year before, very unprepared.  So, the following year, even though short on money, I made a Final Fantasy X and X-2 Rikku cosplay.

2.  How long have you been doing cosplay?

I have made my own costumes and been doing cosplay for about 5 years now.  Although, I have always been a fan and had a love for dressing up.

3.  What is the most expensive costume you have ever done?

My Chi from chobits cosplay has to be my most expensive costume.  What with all the satin and material I used for it.

4.  Are you able to make a living with cosplay?  If not, what is your dream job?

I only make cosplays for myself and close friends as of right now and do not get paid for it.  Although, due to my interest in cosplay, I began to model and am now part of an amazing group of people called Charismaplus2.  It is a modeling agency for girls who know their games.

My dream job would be to have my own boutique with original designs made by me, heavily influenced by videogames, anime, and the Japanese culture.

5.  Do you have a costume that keeps falling apart at the last minute or do they always execute perfectly?  What would you say is the amount of time involved in the costume from inception to unveiling?

Oh my gosh, if I had a nickel.  The costumes I made when I was low on cash are my questionable ones.  Especially my cave woman costume.  In my photoshoot you cannot tell it is falling apart, but after every 10 frames I had to do some handiwork because the belt kept sliding off and the skirt kept falling down.  It is up to par now and has safely turned into a female Wookie from Star Wars, but man, what a pain.

6.  How many Cons do you attend a year?

Believe it or not, I only have been attending one con for the last 6 years.  This year, however, I plan on going to at least 5.  I have already attended Katsucon and my upcoming cons are: Animazement, Otakon, Dragoncon, and AnimeUSA.  I really would love to go to AnimeEXPO in LA, though.

7.  Do you make the pieces from scratch or do you commission your costumes?  I would imagine you are contacted by designers that beg you to wear their work…

I usually make the pieces from scratch.  Sometimes when material is too expensive for the amount I need, I do go straight to the Goodwill and look for some heavy on the material items to rip up and re-animate into something AWESOME!

8.  What is your all-time favorite costume?

My Chi cosplay is my all-time favorite cosplay.  I put the most work into it and hand sewed the entire thing.  It is also the work I am most proud of.

9.  What changes have you seen in the cosplay community over the years you have been participating?  Are they good changes or bad changes?  How has technology affected the fabrics/ideas/designs?

Every year the costumes I do get more and more on par or bigger and better.  It is probably due to the wider variety of anime and games to cosplay from, it grows every year, every year there are always at least a couple hundred cosplays out of the thousands, that you have never even heard of before.  The cosplay world has also gotten more competitive with “The Summit” and all of its inner competitions with each cosplayer trying to be the best dressed version.

Technology is a big step forward in the cosplay community; People make Giant robot suits, in which they use bike shocks and metal framing to make themselves look actual size.  Also, in my experience some furries from Animal Crossing have been known to have cameras in their giant plushy heads.  This is so they can see while filming it.  It must be hot as well.  I asked the man in the plushie questions and he actually incorporated the use of fans in the head to cool him down.

10.  Any advice for novices?

Cosplay is ultimately about having fun and the experience of showing off your creation and looking AWESOME in it.  Not to mention, you get off from work and get to run around dressed up in cosplays and carry around giant weapons.

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