Album Review: The Lost Poets’ Insubordia


The Lost Poets 1Swedish duo David Rosengren (vocals and guitar) and Petter Ossian Strömberg (drums and bass), the gents behind The Lost Poets, graced this mortal world with their latest, Insubordia just a few months ago.

The EP features moody rock ‘n roll which perfectly compliments the band’s mysterious and slightly unsettling aesthetic. Think along the lines of Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, The Raconteurs, and Soundgarden, but from two faceless men in top hats. And between the bold guitar and drums and deep, soulful vocals, they prove to have the talent to back up their dark vision. It’s creepy and thrilling and adventurous in all the right ways. If you’re looking for dark, twisted rock to wade through, this is a perfect band for ya.

Take a quick peek at the wonderful weirdness of The Lost Poets with their music video for “Ode to K”.

About the song, David Rosengren says that it “was one of those songs that just came out of nowhere. It’s essentially about a man selling his soul to the devil and how his life was before and after he died. It’s also an homage to the love of his life for trying to help him. It’s all very suggestive and the inspiration, as always, comes from my own life in a twisted sort of way.”

Any band with a song about selling your soul to the devil is clearly worth a listen, and the music video is just as bold and bizarre as you’d hope it’d be.

Insubordia CD CoverAs a whole, listening the album feels like embarking on a trip into the underworld, with highs and lows and thick, heavy guitar continuously moving you forward on the trek. Take  your own Inferno-esque journey and stream or buy the entire EP over on Bandcamp or give it a listen on Soundcloud or Spotify.

Find everything else you need at their website, and follow the duo on Facebook and Twitter for updates on shows (to any Swedish readers out there, that means you) and future releases.


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