Album Review: Discover your new favorite artist on Teknofonic Essentials


Hey music nerds, here’s a recent release for you from the nontraditional, forward-thinking label Teknofonic Recordings.

This album Teknofonic Essentials was just released in April and it is the perfect introduction to the artists on this relatively new label. The album features Sonic Fear, Daniel Monroe, Upper Regions, Jon Lambousis, 3logit, This Human Condition, Scott Cameron, Acid Daze, J Tizzle, Cypha Da Moonchild, Time No More, Elastic Plastic Generation, Hypnotriq, Ermias, Boom, M!nts, Derrick Anthony, Perry Engineering, S.G.B, and Addliss.

Dive into their electronica that’s been deemed as “genre-defying sounds that fall outside the mainstream.” Daniel Monroe’s “Novacaine” is the perfect place to start if you’re a dance lover, and Sonic Fear’s “I’ll Be Your World” (ft Veela) is going to be your go-to if you want something calmer.

Adam Reifsteck - Teknofonic Records founder and artist named Sonic FearThis compilation includes some pretty exciting up-and-coming names on it, which is a huge testament to the work Teknofonic does to be a nontraditional, inclusive and artist-friendly label. They make it super easy for artists to submit their music, and they strive to find the kinds of artists who are pushing boundaries and making actually unique music.  The label was only just founded in 2015 by American composer and producer Adam Reifsteck (also known by his studio alias Sonic Fear), and they’ve already been able to put out some pretty cool stuff.

Seeking to unite adventurous listeners with the boundary-crossing creators who are not afraid to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene, Teknofonic aims to offer a huge collection of music that truly has something for everyone. Even if you aren’t super into electronic or house music, they’s probably at least one or two artists on this label that you’d like (and lucky you, you have this handy compilation album now to help you find them).

If you like what you hear on Teknofonic Essentials you’ll absolutely want to go checkout the label’s website and their Soundcloud page, and give their Twitter and Facebook a follow so you stay on top of their future releases.


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