Indie Pop: New EP from Steve Benjamins


Looking for some soothing otherworldly jams? Indie pop musician Steve Benjamins has a new EP for you, Sightlines. Get into it!

If you like artists such as Bon Iver, Patrick Watson, Mutual Benefit, and Sufjan Stevens (and who doesn’t???), Benjamins is the next solid addition to your summer playlist. Steve Benjamins makes downtempo indie pop that feels thoughtful and melancholic. The New Lofi called him “Part James Blunt, part Patrick Watson, part Mutual Benefit, and fully unique.”

Here is the hit single off of the new EP Sightlines, “We Used to Live”:

An artist that Indie Shuffle described as “a little bit like Justin Vernon and Michael Stipe,” Benjamins creates raw, organic work. After receiving critical acclaim on his first EP Somewhere, Somehow, Steve Benjamins has been able to grow his sonic soundscapes into an iconoclastic and diverse set of songs that explore sorrow, loss, angst, and simply deep human emotion in music. As Fecking Deadly put it, Benjamins has a “massive, massive voice that will leave you stunned” which is prominently featured in this new EP.

Sightlines is Benjamin’s third EP in about two years. Like all of his EPs, Benjamins plays almost all of the instruments on the album— piano, guitar, synths, drums, bass— and is the sole songwriter.

If you want to support this amazing independent artist you can purchase his music, including his past two albums Disorientation Man and Dizzying Heights, and find out more about him at It also just so happens that you can also download a free copy of the EP there, you lucky dog. And while you’re at it be sure to like his Facebook page so that you stay in the know about upcoming performances and future releases.


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