Album Review: Secrets of the Deep! from The Hydrothermal Vents


John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman of Montreal’s post-punk band, The Hydrothermal Vents gear up to release their debut album Secrets from the Deep! out July 5th. If you’re into dance-able punkish music with lyrics about sharks, get ready to fall in love.

The Hydrothermal Vents 4 (1)

Secrets from the Deep! is 9 tracks of high energy and highly imaginative tunes that deserve to be played loud. With inspiration from bands like The Pixies, Talking Heads, and the B52’s, The Hydrothermal Vents’ music is a perfect combination of nostalgia, punk rock, dance music, and a touch of fantasy.

Get to know their dark, whimsical sound with this live in-studio video for their song “Neptune’s Grave”

Secrets from the Deep! will be The Hydrothermal Vents’ first album after two years together. Before forming the Hyrdothermal Vents, John and Tessa both had extensive careers playing in indie rock bands and on their own, with John fronting two acclaimed bands, Metal Kites and Clark the Band, and even collaborating with members of Arcade Fire. After just one song it’s obvious that they have the musical talent and self awareness to be able to bring to life a conceptual album like this one and be able to sound like a throwback while still being original. You can tell that they draw a lot from The Pixies and the B52’s, but they also add a lot to the conversation with this new album rather than just repeating something that’s been done before. 

CD CoverHead over to their Bandcamp and Soundcloud to stream the full album right now, and don’t forget to support this fantastic band by purchasing the album when it’s officially released July 5th in digital and vinyl and if you like what you hear be sure to share it around your corner of the internet.

You can keep track of The Hydrothermal Vents by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Finally, look out for news about their North America tour which will be starting up this fall.


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