Nerd Music: “President Snakes” a new album from The Doubleclicks!


a1515824079_16Everybody’s favorite nerdy sister folk duo has a brand spankin’ new album out today! President Snakes is an album about being yourself and dealing with tough times, plus it has two songs about a group of snakes running for President. It’s not all nerdy, not all folky, not all funny, but definitely a mix of those things, so there’s something on there for everyone. As the Webber sisters say, “It’s the most honest and personal album we’ve ever created. There is sadness and happiness and a cat or two.”

They continue: “It’s the next step for us and it is full of songs we are extremely proud of, many of which we have released online over the last year (“This Is My Jam,” “Really Big Chickens,” “Bad Memories,” and more) in shiny, polished up versions. Unlike our last two albums, President Snakes is 100% produced and performed by the Doubleclicks, because it’s honest and raw and very close to our hearts, and we want it to stay that way. We have learned a lot in 6 years of nerd/folk/music and we were excited to put that all to work on this record! The album can be purchased at and will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. as well.”

If this is your first time getting into The Doubleclicks, you’ve definitely picked a great time to jump on board, and if you’re already a fan you’re in for some of the best content the duo has put out.

Now! Go forth and purchase the album on or on Bandcamp for just ten bucks (physical CDs are also available). If you’re not already following The Doubleclicks on Facebook and Twitter you also want to make sure they stay on your radar because they have a lot of awesome shows and events coming up, including a CD release party on September 1st live streaming on Youtube, and then touring across the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, and more. Some of those shows will even include Molly Lewis and Joseph Scrimshaw for Nerd Night Out, so you definitely don’t want to miss out! Check out their site for details on shows, albums, and everything else Doubleclicks.



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