Nerd Music: Go Fund These Kickstarters!


Two fantastic musicians, Marian Call and Seth Boyer, have Kickstarters right now and you’ll definitely want to get in on these rewards.


First, the ever-delightful Marian Call is funding her new album, Standing Stones. If you aren’t familiar with Marian, go spend some time on her Bandcamp pageSomething Fierce is a great album to start with, or if you want some straight up nerd songs, Got to Fly is inspired by Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, so it’s hard to go wrong there.

And if you do fall in love with her music– which I’m confident you will– backing this new album is a great way to beef up your music collection with some nerdy, indie folk. You can get five of her albums, plus the new album when it’s released, for just 35 bucks. This Kickstarter just started and it’s already more than half way funded, which is super exciting, and it’ll almost certainly far surpass its goal (especially with your help **winking emoticon**).

Go fund Marian’s Kickstarter right here.

TnZKzm2_Also, Seth Boyer is funding his new full-length studio album. You might have heard of Seth through Welcome to Night Vale, or if you are already a Marian Call fan you might have noticed that they like to team up from time to time. His Bandcamp is also a fun place to spend some time, I’d recommend you give his newest album I Got believe in You and A New Leaf (inspired by Animal Crossing) a listen.

If you back his album you can get digital copies, limited edition CDs, awesome art prints by Hannako Lambert and Tony Wetzsteon, and even some bonus tracks that are just for backers.

Go check out all of those rewards over at his Kickstarter page (which, by the way, only has six days to go, so you’ll want to get on board soon).


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