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Wait, Who?

You might have seen a post here on Almost Nerdy last month about nerdcore artist Richie Branson which detailed his latest releases.  The article included links to his Star Wars: The Old Republic mixtape, The Cold Republic Episode I: The Empire Likes Rapand the Gundam Wing nerdcore album, The Wing Zero EPYou can download both of those for free at the links, but first, here’s more about the man behind the music.

Richie Branson is a nerdcore hip-hop artist and producer in San Antonio.  Ever since he played the recorder in fifth grade, Richie has enjoyed making music.  He played saxophone throughout middle school and high school, but didn’t discover hip-hop until his senior year in high school.  Fast-forward to 2009 when Richie started Red Prodigy production company with his cousin, Jeremy “J.Forbes” Brown.  Over the years he has become a swiss army knife of music; he now produces, mixes, writes, and performs.

“Production and artistry are completely different creative processes,” Richie explains, “so my music career is a constant balancing act between the two.”  By being a completely self sufficient artist, he’s able to create exactly what he wants, and get it to his audience as fast as he wants.  He often has new free downloads of his mixtapes and EPs available on his website,

What Makes Him Nerdy?

Growing up, Richie Branson immersed himself in 16bit SNES games and Japanese monster movies.  “While most kids were out having water baloon fights during the summer, I was stuck in my room playing games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana.  I’m a huge anime fan as well.  Initial D and Gundam really shaped my life as a teen.”  These nerdy influences are clearly embraced in his music.  Anime and video games are a large part of Richie’s life, and it shows in the music he creates.

Where Should I Start?

Grab the free Cold Republic and Wing Zero EP downloads.

Cold Republic, as mentioned above, is the Star Wars: The Old Republic mixtape, which was released in February.  Wing Zero is a 13-track Nerdcore album, and was released last month.  Here is one track from Wing Zero to whet your pallet called Merquise Dreams:

[youtube id=”–uHJmUFfY4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Where Can I Get His Music?

Get Richie Branson‘s music over on his website.  You can also find his song Jersey Shore First Pump on iTunes.

Currently in the works is a “Gundam inspired trance/dubstep/techno EDM project” called Project Epyon, and an album which will help fund a trip to Tokyo.  Look for Episode II of the Cold Republic mixtape this summer.

To learn more about Richie Branson, and for news on his latest releases, follow him on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


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