Nerd Band of the Week: No More Kings


Wait, Who?

Pete Mitchell and Neil Robins are the minds behind Los Angeles based, alternative rock band No More Kings.  Since 2006, the band has been signed with Astonish Records, come out with two albums, and played countless live shows.

What Makes Them Nerdy?

Pop culture nostalgia makes its way into No More Kings songs all of the time.  Both of No More Kings‘ albums have references to 80’s movies and TV shows, and that era is a non-depleting source of inspiration.  In addition to that, musicians like Micheal Jackson, the Beatles, Jonathan Coulton, They Might be Giants, and Paul and Storm all have a hand in shaping No More Kings.

Overall, the music which No More Kings creates is nerdy, but is still accessible to anyone.  It’s feel-good music.

“Even in the early days of No More Kings, playing small coffee houses in Rhode Island, people oddly connected with the obscure subject matter and the silly, nerdy viewpoint,” Pete explains.  “I never thought of this back then, but it’s become a bit of a mantra for me now.  If I continue to write about things that I dig, that inspire me or that I connect to, there will inevitably be others that connect to it too.”

If you’re still doubting No More Kings‘ nerd cred, here are two songs to convince you.  The first is for you RPG fans: Critical Hit, from their album No More Kings and the Flying Boombox.

The second is actually the music video for their song Sweep the Leg, which is a must see for fans of The Karate Kid.

[youtube id=”uFlQNtL8F9s” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Where Should I Start?

Well, first listen to the tracks I just included above.  If you have Spotify, listen to either (or both) of No More Kings‘ albums there.  Otherwise, you can find No More Kings songs on YouTube.  Start with songs like Robots Don’t Cry and Zombie Me, or anything that catches your eye.

Where Can I Get Their Music?

No More Kings has two albums, their debut No More Kings and the aforementioned No More Kings and the Flying Boombox.  Both can be found in iTunes, Amazon, and more.

Pete is currently working with Neil Robins on some new No More Kings music.  “We’re moving away from the full-length album model for the time being.  I’m more interested in releasing smaller EPs more often.”  In addition to that, he is working on an iPad game.  About the game, Pete says, “I really believe in the platform as a great way to bridge a lot of multimedia projects.  I love the ability to make really interactive and immersive art-music-video-animation pieces.”

Follow No More Kings on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and Tumblr.  You can also find Pete Mitchell’s art and other projects at his website,

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