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Wait, Who?

Nicole Dieker has been recording songs as Hello, The Future since May 2010. She has released three albums, a new song every week for 100 consecutive weeks on her Youtube page, and officially became a full-time musician last May.

Hello, The Future is in good company in the music world, having collaborations and friendships with some of the best in current nerd music. Last year, Nicole executive-produced a charity album, Mink Car Cover, a full cover of They Might Be Giants’ album Mink Car to benefit the FDNY Foundation. The album included contributions from Marian Call, The Doubleclicks. Storm of Paul and Storm, and Molly Lewis. “Currently my musical influences are people like Jonathan Coulton (the original and best), Paul and Storm, Marian Call, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, and George Hrab. I would love to share a stage with all of them. At once.”

What Makes Her Nerdy?

Nicole is seemingly an endless well of nerdy content. She creates and interacts with the nerd music community without ever stopping to take a breath. “I think it’s cliché now to say that we are in ‘the age of the nerd,’ but it’s a bit true,” she says. “The internet in particular has made it very easy for fandoms to coalesce around points of interest.” Hello, The Future has found audiences from all fandoms, many finding Nicole through her Youtube videos.

As far as particular fandoms that come up in Hello, The Future songs, there are a few that stick out. “Firefly always comes back. I don’t know why it’s Firefly and not, say, Final Fantasy VI (which has an equally compelling story and characters), but I find myself continually wanting to explore that world. I’ve done a song about River Tam that’s on Geek Girl EP; I wrote a song about Kaylee and Simon that’s on my Song Fu album, I did a Wash song for Can’t Stop The Serenity 2012, and I’m working on a song now that is not explicitly about Inara, but has a good deal of her story in there.

“I suppose this means that I need to do a Firefly album at some point.” (Yes, please!)

Beyond the Firefly universe, Nicole’s songs have been inspired by things like Super Mario, Oregon Trail (“the world can never have too many Oregon Trail jokes”), and musical theatre. “My music is much more musical-theatre inspired than anything else. We can argue about whether or not musical theatre is geeky. By ‘musical-theatre inspired’ I mean that I am constantly trying to create songs that tell stories about characters; that have a beginning, middle, and end; that have characters who change by the end of the song; and that have a memorable melody and clever lyrics.”

Where Should I Start?

Watch these videos of Nicole perform Hello, The Future songs for JoCo Cruise Crazy (Sea Monkeys and Sea Monkey Wannabes like myself can appreciate the nerd cred Nicole has from performing on a JoCo cruise. They are always the best of nerds– being invited as an act is like an automatic achievement unlocked.) You might want to start with T-Rex Has Feelings, because it is a delight.
[youtube id=”9cX6BP8GTqE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you want to get an album, Hello, The Future Gets Her Filk On At Philcon, is a great place to start.
“Since the audience knew at the beginning that they were going to be part of a live album, we all tried just a little harder and the connection between performer and audience in that room was amazing.”

Finally, listen to the sampler of six songs from the Geek Girl EP here. More information about where to get that EP is posted below.

Where Can I Get Her Music?

All of Hello, The Future‘s music is available on Nicole’s Bandcamp page including the three albums, Infinity Right NowSidekick and Other Songs, and Hello, The Future! Gets Her Filk On At Philcon. The Mink Car Cover charity album Nicole produced can be found on

Hello, The Future
‘s latest release is a six-song EP called Geek Girl EP. Each song in the EP is sung from the point of view of a different female fandom character:

Magic In Me (Julia Wicker, The Magician King)
No Hunger Games Can Get Me (Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games)
Four Hundred Years Ago (Chell, Portal 2)
I Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen To Me (Arya Stark, Game Of  Thrones)
No One Left To Love (Johanna Mason, Mockingjay)
No Power In The Verse (River Tam, Firefly)

You can get the Geek Girl EP here. The funding from the Geek Girl EP Kickstarter will go towards recording the next Hello, The Future album, Giant Robot Album, in a professional studio with a full band. The Kickstarter ends on September 2.

Look for Hello, The Future‘s East Coast tour this September, and plenty of performances coming up along the West Coast. A complete list of upcoming tour dates can be found here.

Stay up to date with Nicole by following her on Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter, @HelloTheFuture.


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