Nerd Band of the Week: All Caps


Wait, Who?

Kristina Horner and Luke Conrad met through their Wizard Rock bands, The Parselmouths and Ministry of Magic and quickly became friends.  By maintaining their friendship online, they were able to collaborate and create All Caps.  Since then, All Caps has released two albums, been signed to DFTBA Records, and accumulated a large online fanbase.

What Makes Them Nerdy?

Like any good nerdy band, All Caps has songs about zombies and robots.

Don’t Unplug Me

[youtube id=”G_51Hs56wW4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

I Love Brains (If you want to do it properly, listen to I Love You before I Love Brains)

[youtube id=”95sNRqsGkxE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Any band who dons cardboard robot costumes and fake blood for their music videos is unmistakably nerdy, right?

Where Should I Start?

We can break this down by fandoms if you’d like.

If you like Harry Potter, check out Lumos Flies and Voldemort Fangirl.  Gamers, namely those who like RPGs and MMORPGs, will want to go with the song World of Warcraft Ruined My Life.  Fans of The Office will appreciate You Kissed Me at the Dundies.  Anyone whose November has been put on hold by NaNoWriMo will empathize with this song.  Then there’s Trainers in Love for all of the Pokemon fans.  Of course there are more, so peruse their discography for songs that stick out to you.

When all else fails, their acoustic album, Lower Case, is a good place to start.

Where Can I Get Their Music?

All Caps has two albums available, Songs in the Key of E-Mail and Bmin / E can be purchased on iTunes and DFTBA Records.  All of their music can be streamed free on their website,

And, as always, follow All Caps on the regular social networks– YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
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