Nerd Music: Mythbusters Song from Bonecage



You might remember Bonecage from when we reviewed his album Fish Food or when we featured his single “Sweetpea,” a tribute to the Walking Dead video game. If this is your first time hearing about him you’re in for a treat, if your idea of a treat is nerdy, Weird Al-esque parody songs based off your favorite pop culture icons, shows, and movies (and who wouldn’t be into that?).

Our pal Bonecage just released a new song that you’re definitely going to love. I feel pretty safe assuming that there’s a lot of cross over in the venn diagram of our readers and Mythbusters fans.

Check out Mythbuster (Body Count Parody) right here, right now:

Get more from Bonecage by visiting his website, or you can just spend some time getting lost in a Youtube loop of his videos, all available over on his channel. Be sure that you don’t miss out on any future releases by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Also! That rad Mythbusters/007 mashup art was created by Mr. Stephen Chorney. In case you needed more excellent, Struzan-style nerdy art in your life.


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