SpOOooOOky tunes from Mystic Pete


Look, the Monster Mash is amazing, but a little variety isn’t gonna hurt your Halloween playlist. Before all of your friends show up tonight and you force them to listen to the Time Warp again, get on this new record from Mystic Pete.

Mystic Pete’s new record BassPop is an electric charged patchwork of pop, EDM and world music, brought to life by a strong stream of haunting female vocals (it’s alive! Aliiiiive!).

11148405_10207811198428580_8150169111619865402_nAnd lucky you, you can stream it all on Soundcloud.

Mystic Pete is many things: radio host, author, humorist, cellist, vocalist, music and video producer, and teacher of mysticism. His interest in mysticism undoubtedly informs this art.You’ll notice that each track on the album is named after a popular sacred mantra. That foundation for BassPop transforms it into something other worldly. The sexual energy and sonic intensity presented on BassPop is exactly what your party needs tonight.

Now quick, before it’s too late, inject your Halloween playlist with healthy dose of danceable transcendent Mystic Pete music. The obvious choice: this track from BassPop, “Halloween Night.” Wow, how apt ;D

If you want more Mystic Pete in your life, his Youtube page has a selection of music videos that you should play through. You should also check out his edgy and humorous book Mystic Pete Chronicles which delves into sex and mysticism. Mystic Pete also has an album for yoga and meditation called Deep Self that features beautiful cello and transcendent chanting. You can find deets about all of his projects on MysticPete.com.

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