Music! Mimi LaRue kills it with her satiric pop singles


COUNTRYSTARcoverartMimiLaRueComedy might just be is totally the best medium for social commentary.

One super rad musician is proving this with her recently released comedy singles. Everybody, meet Mimi LaRue.

Like a more controversial Lonely Island or Weird Al Yankovic, New York pop satire artist Mimi LaRue is “what the love-child of Ali G and Lady Gaga would look and sound like.”

Here’s how she puts it:

Mimi LaRue is an all-round artist, singer/songwriter, actress, rapper, poet, aspiring superstar and handbag/fragrance designer. She is what the love-child of Ali G and Lady Gaga would look and sound like. Defying categorization Mimi is boldly making her mark with her witty, and cutting critiques on the current nature of popular culture. She has forayed into pop, rap, and country. All that remains to be seen is what will she do next?

Watch her social critique of mainstream country music in her brand new video for “Country Star”:

To see Mimi skewer mainstream pop music, check out her previous video “Product”:

And finally her hip hop critique, “Filler”:

Her videos has been compared to the kind of comedy that you’d stumble upon at like 2am on Adult Swim, and I have to say that’s pretty spot on. She’s not afraid of speaking her truth, being weird or making you uncomfortable to get her point across (and just to be hilarious), and she’ll take on anybody.

Like she said, all that remains to be seen is what she’ll do next, and we’re all pretty much waiting with bated breath, because the world will always need funny, unapologetic ladies like Mimi. Stay on top of what she releases next (or go through all of her other short, funny videos) on her Facebook page and Twitter. If you want to buy these singles, CDBaby’s got you covered.


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