Nerd Rock: Megathruster

Acoustic nerdrock band Megathruster (aka Chris Waffle and Joel Machiela) has you covered. Their new album 20 Sided Vice has all of the nerd friendly jams you’ve been dreaming of.

Along with the album you should also check out the music videos that have been released so far.

The first one, “It’s Not Out Yet,” stars the real-life Superhero Guardian Shield and perfectly captures the angsty They’re-Going-To-Ruin-My-Favorite-Thing-I-Just-Know-It feeling we all all get whenever some sequel/adaptation/remake is announced. It’s that special kind of betrayal where you get all grumpy and complaining about it on Twitter is the only thing that might make you feel better. You know, that feeling. Well now you have a clever song to quote (and tweet out *wink wink*) the next time that happens.

Your second video to watch is for “Other People Playing Minecraft,” which ponders why so many people would want to watch play throughs of Minecraft. We’re tackling the tough questions, here (and that’s right kids, putting you on BLAST).

Just in case you’re still not sold, here’s the duo’s credentials and let me tell you they’re pretty much everything you’d want from a nerd rock group, right down appearing on Dr. Demento’s show.

After the success of Hot Waffles, and a 1000 mile move in the name of love, Chris Waffle thought he would never write songs again. Then, in the waning summer of 2014, a wise wizard knocked on his door and cast a spell calling him back to music. The skies darkened, the clouds rumbled, there was an 80’s era cartoon transformation sequence, and when he awakened from the fog, Megathruster was born.

They’re coming straight from the Pacific Northwest, and singing from the spring 2016 album release “20 Sided Vice.”

You may have seen him at Flappers, the Improv, on Attack of the Show, America’s Worst Driver, and The People vs. George Lucas. You may have heard him at GenCon, on Dr.Demento’s radio show, KROQ, Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle, or in your dreams. But you’ve never seen and heard him like this.

So go on now, go download 20 Sided Vice from Bandcamp or iTunes and listen to it on repeat, and follow Megathruster on Twitter and Facebook, and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest or you notice that they’re going to be at a convention near you make sure to go out and show your love.


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