Indie Pop: Louise Aubrie releasing a new album, Late 44



New York and London based indie pop innovator Louise Aubrie is all set to release her third album Late 44, which will be sure to get indie rock enthusiasts gushing.

This album highlights her talents as a songwriter as well as a performer. Her music blooms out of a deep awareness of her own personality, setting her apart in a crowded music scene.

Straightforward and easy to dig in too, consider Louis Aubrie your new music crush, and lucky for you Late 44 is a perfect way to get to know her. This is the sort of record that proves the essential power of pop punk, it’s simultaneously approachable and intelligent.

Check out a music video for “Winter Dolour” off of the new album, which comes out on the 13th.

Louise Aubrie is a London-born musician who splits her time between her hometown and New York City, bringing together indie post-punk roots with rock and pop melodies. Louise first started recording music at the famed Mill Hill Music Complex in London, and then over many years in New York surrounded herself by the best musicians in the city to establish her signature sound.

Writing all her own material, Louise recorded her highly anticipated third album, ‘Late 44’, in March 2015 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Fast forward to now and the July 13th release is almost here.

In 2010 Louise’s put out her debut album, Fingers Crossed..., which was met with critical acclaim in both the UK and the US, receiving national radio airplay. Then in March 2013, Louise released her second album, Time Honoured Alibi, and the lead-off single from that album, “Where Are You,” was featured in the Top 5 of Digital Radio Tracker’s National US Airplay Independent Charts and in the Top 10 most requested at Indie 104 iRadio LA. Since its release,Time Honoured Alibi has been picked up by a number of Commercial, Non-Commercial and College Radio Stations, and continues to be added to more playlists every month.

Head over to and start listening to her past albums in preparation for Late 44‘s release on July 13th.


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