New Single from Latimer House, “Birdcage Walk/Until Then”


A few months ago we posted a review of All the Rage, the latest full-length album from Prauge’s pop quartet Latimer House. Since All the Rage, the band has been busy recording new material for their next studio album which is set to be released next year. To tide you over until then, the band has released a new single, “Birdcage Walk”, along with an experimental b-side track, “Until Then”. Check it out!

Love it? You can stream and buy “Birdcage Walk” and “Until Then” over at Latimer House’s Bandcamp page right now. Really, really love it? You can also buy an exclusive 7″ pressed in red translucent vinyl. 

In case you missed our first feature on Latimer House, here’s a quick run down to get you caught up.

The independent Prague-based band weaves together a number of eclectic influences such as ’60s rock, funk, and new wave, the result being a bright, catchy pop rock held together by driving guitar and gruff lyrics. You’ll notice, too, the surreal collage-style artwork that accompanies all of their albums and singles, which is definitely an extension of the band’s entire feel and aesthetic. Because who doesn’t enjoy funky, slightly bizarre, fun times with their pop music?

If you want more from Latimer House, their debut album All The Rage is available over on their Bandcamp. Make a beeline to the track “Splash!” if you’re looking to squeeze just a little more summer out of September before the cold takes over. While you’re at their Bandcamp page, you can also check out their first single “This is Pop”, and lucky for you it just so happens that I have the music video for that song right here:

For all other Latimer House needs, visit and find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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