Album Review: Larusso’s Life In Static


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Alt rock and pop punk fans! It’s time you added Salt Lake City’s indie rock band Larusso to your playlists.

According to the band, “Larusso has always been rooted in the belief that we, as individuals, can and will overcome the struggles and turmoil that we face in our day to day lives. Life in Static is a conceptual testament to this idea; it speaks to our nature as human beings, our hopes, strengths, downfalls, heartaches, and adversities. We want our listeners to take away one simple message from this record: We can always rise above and conquer; we can hear through the static in the background that we are invincible.”

Earlier this month, the quartet independently released a new album Life in Static, so now is a perfect time to get to know them and their latest LP.

If you’re into bands like Anberlin and Brand or classic pop punk like Blink-182 and Yellowcard, Larusso is going to be right up your alley. On top of being talented musicians they’re 100% DIY indie rockers, building up an authentic fan base by taking their energetic and engaging live performances to cities across the country and independently funding their albums and tours. Even if pop punk isn’t your thing, you can at least respect how much hard work and care has gone into this music.

Get a taste for Larusso with their single “The Voice” off of Life in Static:

You can find the rest of the album along with their past releases over at or buy their music on iTunes.

With the new album out, the band is busy playing shows along the West Coast and beyond with their Don’t Call it a Comeback tour. If you like their music and they’re performing near you, do yourself the favor of seeing them live because they’re certainly one of those bands that puts on a killer live show. Head over to their website or find them on Twitter and Facebook for announcements of upcoming shows.


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