New Nerdcore Album From Kudos the Kid, Cassanova Frankenstein



Hey, hip hop fans!

Florida based indie group Kudos the Kid has a new album out that you don’t want to miss.

a0852570877_2Here’s why you should go download Cassanova Frankenstein right now:

  • You can stream and download the entire album for free at Bandcamp.
  • The album has depth, variety, and a lot of heart.
  • Kudos the Kid is a completely independent, DIY group and your support is what helps keep independent music alive.
  • The album features a bunch of guest artists from all over the country, including Klopfenpop and DNA.
  • And on top of everything else, it has some kickass album art.

Download the album; like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter; if you like their music, share it; if you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, go see the duo perform live (they’ll be at the Connection Festival in September, hint hint); and as always, be excellent to each other.



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