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Friday is fast approaching (#praise), and Hot Rumour’s a new, album MMXVI is gonna help all of us get a jump start on the weekend.

MMXVI sounds like The Killers and Hot Hot Heat all mixed together with just a touch of Arctic Monkeys moodiness in there for good measure. It’s indie rock to its core, but it’s still plenty danceable so if you’re looking for this year’s essential summer jams you can just go ahead and add this to your list now.

Give it a listen:

Formed in December of 2015, Hot Rumour is an alternative band made up of three like-minded souls who are deeply in love with the spirit of indie rock. One member Frankie Siragusa– a renowned Los Angeles producer who’s worked with acts like Reggie Watts and members of groups ranging from the Decemberists to REM– brings some serious know how (just look at how polished this EP sounds). He’s joined by chief songwriter Aaron Ficchi who guides the bands trademark sound and Aaron’s brother Josh.

In just this short amount of time the band has been rising quickly in their home base of Los Angeles. Plus the release of this EP has the internet talking, including a sweet review on HuffPo. Now is pretty much the perfect time to fall in love with this band.

Look for Hot Rumours on their upcoming West Coast tour this summer, and in the mean time you can buy the EP in iTunes or stream it on Spotify and Soundcloud. Check in on their website, Twitter, and Facebook for show info and if you enjoy the album make sure to share it around with all of the other indie fans you know.

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