Music Review: FLAUNT


Hey there music nerds, here’s a new band for you to check out.

FLAUNT is a mysterious a/v collective act which strives to produce a variant of intelligent music marrying qualities of organic and electronic elements. Their new album RAVE NOIR was just released last month and has been met with a lot of praise. In the past they also earned an Independent Music Award for 2014 New Discovery Artist and New Music Weekly nominated Flaunt for three New Music Awards — Group of the Year, New Hot AC Artist and Favorite Crossover Artist.

Here’s how the band describes themselves:

FLAUNT is the brain child of USA’s Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito. This act has the capacity to create an eclectic yet harmonic soundtrack of songs and they promise to deliver just that on the new album. Where the CODON album was mainly instrumental turntablism, it was the vocal and guitar prowess of Justin Jennings on the two hit singles from that 2014 album that buoyed the act to explore new sounds and more lyrical based songs.

Hailing from two similar but distant areas of the United States (Colorado and Maine) the duo formed as a result of social media and have been recording ever since. They share responsibilities in the act with the main goal of making music that is art. The guys aim to create song cycles in the day and age where the album has been declared “dead.”

The way FLAUNT pulls together various genres and inspirations makes them hard to categorize, but in going through their songs it feels more like an audio collage, which is complimented by the often retro styled images they use in album art and videos. Their music often falls into categories like alt pop and indie (think bands like Bloc Party, Killers, and Ben Howard), but with a mix of synth, experimental, even some hymnal style choirs in their song “Messiah.”

In the last four months FLAUNT has released 13 new music videos, the most recent of which being “Boyhood.” Even though four months isn’t much time, their steady stream of content has been consistently on point, which is an incredible feat in and of itself. To use “Boyhood” as an example, the video is beautiful, unique, and well produced, and it’s all in keeping with the style of the music.

Contrast that video with the one for their song “I Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep” and you’ll understand the impressive range FLAUNT, well, flaunts (yuk yuk yuk).

Not only are the musical styles clearly different between these two songs, but the video styles, moods, and techniques are so unique from each other. The thing that connects them, though, is that underlying whimsical, magical quality. It’s like they’re existing in a separate dimension, where all of FLAUNT’s music lives.

You can find the rest of their music videos at their Youtube page. Some good ones to start with are “Restraint,” “Last 9 Words,” and “I Haven’t Thought About You Yet.”

Their music is also available to stream on Soundcloud or their website,

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