New album from Elessar Thiessen, “A Rainy Week In Paradise”


Soulful singer/songwriter Elessar Thiessen is busy promoting his new self-produced studio album, the earthy A Rainy Week in Paradise. If you dig on singers like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, or Jason Mraz, you are about to fall in love with Elessar.

Born and raised in the heart of Canada, music was a refuge when Elessar was forced to stay indoors to escape the cold. He bought his first guitar at the age of 8 and has been playing and writing music ever since. Now he spends his days in the studio working as a full time producer, and his evenings, sipping spirits, surfing and pursuing his own musical endeavors. His casual, yet passionate, personality shines through in his music to create approachable and enlightened songs.

ARWIP+Album+Cover++RGB+1600x1600Elessar’s newest album A Rainy Week in Paradise exposes us to longing, angst and agony, fear and shattered confidence, and yet comes through it all with hope and joy, rooted in love, truth and deep faith.

All songs on the album were written and produced by Elessar.

Check out this video for the song “You Girl” to get a taste for Elessar’s natural talent for songwriting and performance:

You can buy or stream A Rainy Week in Paradise, as well as Elessar’s previous EP, Head. Heart. Hands., on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, or on There are also a bunch of music videos on his Youtube channel. And, of course, you can keep up to date on new releases and shows by following him on Facebook and Twitter.


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