Album review: Dimestore Prophets’ new EP, Be Yourself



Since 2009, Washington band Dimestore Prophets have been gracing the Pacific Northwest and beyond with upbeat, feel good music– which the world always could use a little more of. Falling somewhere among rock, funk,  and a touch of reggae, their music is reminiscent of bands like Sublime and Jack Johnson, but with their own authentic, DIY feel of a completely independent band.

The three piece band comprised of guitar player and vocalist Ray Glover, drummer John Wilson, and bassist Eric Groff have played over 200 shows as the Dimestore Prophets. Between their days spent playing reggae and craft brew festivals across Washington, the band has put together a brand new EP, Be Yourself.

To get you acquainted with the Prophets, here the title track from the EP, “Be Yourself (In Time)”:

The band has a great diversity of musical influences with each player bringing a unique approach to their musical role in the band. Influences range from Bob Marley to Sublime, the Clash to the Dirty Heads. This combination of influences has produced songs crafted to reach the heart of the listener and made to connect with people. It’s the kind of music that brings people together, which is, of course, the best kind of music to see live.

The six-track EP, Be Yourself , released last year, is available to stream and purchase over on Dimestore Prophets’ Bandcamp page.

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