Nerd Music: Gamers Must Check Out The New AG Drive Soundtrack



Heads up, video game nerds! Up and coming record label AriTunes Records recently released an epic compilation featuring the composer of the Angry Birds theme, as well as other world famous video game musicians.

Recommended for fans of Prodigy (Also recommended for fans of any and all video game soundtracks or video game inspired music, chiptunes, bitrock, etc. etc. All that good stuff.) ”AG Drive Soundtrack” is a masterwork. Taken from the AG Drive mobile game, a beautiful futuristic racing game, this is probably the first soundtrack of its kind. Every musician on this record has a strong background in the Finnish EDM demoscene. Seemingly set to change the world or music, these artists have banded together on a innovative soundtrack that will be sure to get industry’s attention– and it’s about time video game soundtracks were properly recognized.

You might not recognize the names of the contributors to this album, but you definitely know their work. These musicians have all been around for a while, but now things are finally starting to get going. This release allows their art to be enjoyed by music fans who never would have thought to look for this genre of music. Project mastermind Ari Pulkkinen says music is ”the biggest emotional aspect of any game” so what better way to enjoy it than through a compilation like this one?

Listen to the track Drive to get a feel for this brilliant album:

If you like what you hear you can stream the rest of the album over on Soundcloud or buy the album from Aritunes, play the game, and follow Aritunes on Facebook and Twitter for more content like this. Together, AG Drive and its soundtrack are an excellent example of visual and audio art working together to create a unique and engaging experience where you might not expect it, in a mobile phone game.


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