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The quality of movie posters has been on a sharp decline over the last thirty years. What were once beautiful displays of art that wonderfully captured the essence of the films they faithfully advertised have become nothing more than bad Photoshop of floating heads.

Thankfully for those of us with a love of film posters, the folks at Austin based Mondo recognize this injustice. For several years, the company has excelled at bringing in talented artists to create some of the most gorgeous posters for modern and classic films in recent memory.

Currently, the company is featuring some magnificent works by Australian artist Ken Taylor. Their gallery is a wall to wall showcase of dazzling and wonderfully detailed posters by Taylor for films such as Fight Club, Predator, Nosferatu, Frankenstein, Little Shop of Horrors, Children of Men, This Island Earth, No Country for Old Men and more. Taylor was brought in from down under to greet and sign prints for fans.

“Flying halfway across the world to exhibit my work for this amazing collector niche still blows my mind every day. This is the culmination of many months of hard work and stress (but more importantly, fun)” said Taylor

Each framed piece in the gallery is available for purchase, as well as limited edition screen prints. Any unsold prints will be put up at when the gallery concludes later this month, but don’t count on too many being available, as these are top-notch works of incredible art.


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