Nightmares In Oz


“Welcome to Osmann Grove, Kansas.  The perfect place for college kids on Spring Break to go for a quiet camping vacation.  But Osmann Grove has secrets that go back many generations; and for the campers, this will be a trip that none of them forget.  At least the ones who survive the mysterious homicidal Scarecrow will never forget it…”

Nightmares In Oz is a brilliant horror comic, especially for those fans of the Slasher Horror genre.  I was instantly reminded of classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween when I read it – which is a good start considering the cult status those movies have gained!

The book succeeds in mixing real world elements with those of the fantastic – namely icons from L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz.  Prepare to meet an extremely Wicked Witch, demonic winged monkeys, a mysterious woodsman named Cutter, and the sinister Scarecrow.  Oh yes, and a familiar canine who comes to a rather unfortunate end…

Dale Mettams writing is well paced and sets up an interesting series with fabulous malevolent undertones.  He takes key characters from the Wizard of Oz, gives them a unique twist, and fuses them with an inventive horror story in this first chapter.  The Scarecrow in particular has the look and style of an iconic villain in his own right and is at his maniacal best when pursuing our group of hapless heroes through a cornfield at night.

Courtney Huddleston’s artwork is clean and surprisingly light for a book with such a dark presence.  This, however, adds to the skewed impression and feelings we encounter when such recognizable characters, from the much-loved children’s book, become distorted in such a thrilling way.

Nightmares In Oz is an exceptionally fun read and an inventive take on the darker side of the Wizard of Oz series.

Beware though, after reading this book you might be clicking your heels to run and hide next time you see a Scarecrow…

Nightmares In Oz will be available on Graphicly, iVerse, Comixology, Kindle, and via a digital download from the Viper Comics website for the price of .99 cents on October 31 – just in time for Halloween…


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