New ‘X-Men’ Series Features X-Women



Marvel NOW! announces a revamped X-Men series by writer Brian Wood and artist Olivier Coipel starring the fiercest of X-Women. The new comic features an A-list roster including Storm, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel Grey, and Jubilee.

“This has a great iconic title, X-MEN #1.,” says Wood to about the appeal of the series, “It’s a chance to work with Olivier Coipel, to work with Jeanine Schaefer, to write a female-led book packed with marquee names—there’s no downside here; it’s a X-book I could only dream of getting.”

Wood says to expect classic X-Men elements and relationships in this relaunched series, such as Storm leading the pack and the always difficult Rachel Grey. But the issues will see an elaboration on some elements as well. “Psylocke, for example, will have a larger arsenal of psychic weapons than just her katana. Jubilee, while still a vampire, is going to be handling those supernatural traits as if they were superpowers and not just hindrances.” Wood states.

The story begins with Jubilee bringing home an orphaned baby who may be essential to mankind’s survival. Wood also reveals Sublime, the villainous bacteria from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, as the main villain of the first arc, and teases of an alien threat.

Since X-Men’s rise over 50 years ago, the mutant series has brought on some of the strongest comic heroines, and Wood intends to do the characters justice, while also expelling the double standards of superhero females in relationships and sex.

“The X-Men are full of truly excellent female characters. I would say that on balance, the women rule the men in the x-world, hands down.”

Which other X-Women do you hope pop into this series?


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