New Releases from Random House Publishing for the Next Generation of Nerds


On September 25th, Random House Publishing company will be releasing two new titles that are perfect for parents who are looking for some “nerdier” reading material to give to their kids. If you’re a nerdy parent, aunt or uncle, teacher, or some other figure in a child’s life, you can start them off right with one or both of these books. Not only can these books get them hooked on reading, but also introduce them to a piece of nerd culture.

The first book that is worth picking up is a graphic novel version of The City of Ember. The novel of the same name which this graphic novel is based on has grown to be a favorite story for many young readers.

In the spring 2003, kids, parents, teachers, librarians—whole communities—discovered and fell in love with Jeanne DuPrau’s story about a doomed city, and the two children who found a way out. Nearly 10 years later, that story, The City of Ember, is a bona fide classic, with over 1.7 million copies sold. Now experience Jeanne DuPrau’s vision anew as artist Niklas Asker faithfully brings to life the glare of the lamps, the dinginess of the streets, and the brilliance of the first sunrise.

Whether or not they’ve already read the original, the artwork of Niklas Asker is sure to give a whole new spin to Jeanne DePrau’s beloved story and could spark an interest in comic book style reading for any child.

Along with The City of Ember, a new novel by Mark Frost, screenwriter of Twin Peaks, The Fantastic Four, and The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, called The Paladin Prophecy. The engaging, complex plot is great for any growing reader who wants a captivating story. Mark Frost has created an incredible world for young readers to explore. The Paladin Prophecy is already in the works to be made into a movie, set for a 2014 release, before the book has even gone on sale.

The story follows Will West, just a regular kid who wants to fit in like everybody else. However, his unusual abilities not only bring attention to him after he scores high on a national exam, but also involves him with mysterious supernatural forces and secret societies. With relatable characters and thrilling adventure, the book will engage young readers and hopefully help them appreciate literature that gets made into movies.

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Pick up both of these titles from Random House Publishing on September 25th, along with other upcoming releases for young readers worth checking out Super (also out September 25th) and Fitz (out November 13th).


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