Joe Hogan’s The Siren of Dathomir Review


Joe Hogan’s The Siren of Dathomir Review

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A long time ago (more years then I really want to give out) I remember being back in high school and having to read Homers ‘The Odyssey’. At the time it really did not make much sense to us slightly immature teenage boys who really wanted to read something else that had blood and guts in it. Over time however, I have come to realize that Homers story has actually formed the basis of many stories, movies and even sometimes songs that are very popular today. What is the reason behind this history lesson you ask, well today I am going to review the motion comic The Siren of Dathomir by Star Wars artist and friend of Crossedsabers Joe Hogan.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to talk with Joe about his motion comic (you can view this interview on the site; he had announced this project previously on podcast. Well after a lot of hard work and late nights, Joe finally released his baby for everyone, so of course we at Crossedsabers had to review it! Let me give a little background into Star Wars: The Clone Wars, most of the Star Wars community knows that there has actually been two different TV series when it comes to the Clone wars. To start with Star Wars creator George Lucas hired Genndy Tartakovsky to direct Star Wars: Clone Wars, a series taking place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The series won three Emmy awards: two for “Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or More)” in 2004 and 2005, and another for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation” (for background designer Justin Thompson in 2005). Tartakovsky was not however, involved in the follow up series, and has no plans to work on future Star Wars projects. (Wikipedia). After this series, a 3 D version, based on the same time period was created again by Lucas, but this time to be shown on the Cartoon Network. This series also called Star Wars: The Clone Wars is directed by Dave Filoni has become very successful as well. However, for the purpose of this review I want to focus on Tartakovsky’s version of the Clone Wars because this is where Joe has gotten a lot of his inspiration from.

TPicture2he Siren of Dathomir is based on Captain Fordo, a Clone Trooper who, along with his squad has been sent to Dathomir to try and determine the reason so many other expeditions and troopers have gone missing on the planet, however mysteriously their equipment is still showing active. There are quite a few recognizable Star Wars characters in The Siren of Dathomir, characters such as Obi Wan Kenobi, and Yoda both make appearances and are both voiced by a Star Wars regular voice actor, who you should be able to recognize! Because I have brought this up let me clarify a few things, when we announced this project a few weeks ago we stated a few well known names as voices in the comic, however since our interview with Joe, there has been some changes made, mainly because of contract and other commitments. However, even without all the star power, The Siren of Dathomir still has a great story, and the voices are still amazing.

Picture3So The Siren of Dathomir has both great artwork, and a great story, however it is also set on a very interesting planet in the Star Wars universe, Dathomir. Here is an explanation of the planet from Star Wars The Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry. “Located in the Outer Rim, Dathomir is notorious amount spacers for its two primary exports-rancors and witches. Though the planet boasts stunning natural beauty, nothing can overcome its reputation as a place of animal savagery and dark magic….. A majority of witches (concentrated in clan settlements such as Singing Mountains and Frenzied River) practiced benevolent spell casting, but the outcast Nightsisters soon became symbolic of the planets dark side potential. The witches lacked the technology for space travel, but savvy offworlders periodically raided the planet to choose enforcers and assassins” (Fry, Wallace 56).


Picture4Now that I have talked a lot about this great motion comic, it is time to give it my Death Star rating. In terms of artwork, The Siren of Dathomir gets a very high five Death Stars. This is also the same for story, which also gets five Death Stars. I cannot say enough about this great motion comic, and if you watch the credits (and make sure you stay tuned after as well), you will see that Joe Hogan gives Crossedsabers a special thanks! For this I give The Siren of Dathomir a solid five Death Stars!


For those that have not seen this epic motion comic, here is the link:

[youtube id=”C3z0kyf53Ds” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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